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Our Secret
If there is a secret to what we do and how we do it, it would be time.  Our philosophy is one of quality and of course quality takes time because it requires attention to detail.  It's this attention to detail that produces superior results.  This is what sets up apart from our competitors.  

Fabric can be seamed and matched for a long, continuous application. This provides a smooth look, eliminating unsightly gaps that individually covered board panels  sometimes show when butted together.  WallsUpholstered.com uses only the finest fabric materials from the world's most renowned manufacturers.

No installation would be complete without the addition of the proper trim. This feature adds the just the right  touch of luxury to any installation.  Trims come in many forms and in many cases, are more than just decorative.  

Padding is essential to most any installation.  Padding can be as thin as 1/4 inch to as thick as 2 inches.  From a soft Dacron polyester padding for a lofty look and feel to a fiberglass solution to create a noise reduction coefficient (N.R.C.) of .80 to 1.05.  Fiberglass padding  also provides energy efficiency with a thermal performance R-Value of 4.0 - 8.4.  To learn more about noise reduction and thermal performance click here.

Our expert craftsman can apply wall upholstery fabric to either a ceiling, or wall (wall upholstery material can be applied to most anything).  Fabric can be designed to be applied over top of any existing substrate, wallpaper, wood-paneling, drywall and even  brick.